Curating the Art of Relaxation
Boutique ROOMS

Uniquely designed to inspire all your senses! 

Little Delights

Wanna play? enjoy our varied selection of retro entertainment during your stay.


Each dome has a one of a kind bathroom that is just a short walk away.


We relish in attention to detail. All of the essentials (and more!) are provided so you can pack light.





Step into Wildwood, where whimsical woodland hues of soft pinks + purples inspire a lighthearted yet luxurious retreat. Essential oils scent the air, velvet upholstery + lush bedding tantalize the senses, this world feels like a lavender haze. 

Culinary adventures await in your fully stocked kitchenette, and the king-sized bed beckons for a delicious nap. Nestle into a hammock chair with a good book or lose yourself in a puzzle in the cozy living area.

As day transitions to night, the deck becomes an outdoor sanctuary. The soaking tub invites relaxation under the forest canopy, accompanied by the chorus of insects, owls, and frogs. A crackling firepit adds to the enchantment, creating a harmonious symphony of nature.

Wildwood isn’t just an accommodation; it’s a journey into a world where nature’s beauty + imaginative design promise an enchanting + personalized retreat.



the Cocoon

the Cocoon

Have you ever dreamt of venturing into the forest to discover an enchanted retreat? Welcome to the Cocoon! Step in and be enveloped by vibrant yellows + oranges that ground you in nature and leave you feeling rejuvenated. The fully stocked kitchenette offers panoramic views of the creek + forest, while a queen-sized bed beckons beneath a skylight, a portal to the treetops + the stars. 

The natural design elements and sweet surprises found in the the cozy living area spark wonder, inviting you to play a record or perhaps explore your creative side with a coloring book.

As day turns to night, your spacious deck becomes your oasis. Rock gently by a crackling fire and add some magic flames to enhance this immersive experience; all while frogs and crickets serenade. For ultimate relaxation, slip into the outdoor soaking tub and let your mind expand as you stare up at the cosmos. 

The Cocoon isn’t just a stay—it’s an enchanted forest retreat that invites you to connect with nature. Are you ready to escape to the forest and embrace all it has to show you?


the bath house!

Your private bathroom is located just a short walk away in the Bathhouse. Each bathroom features forest inspired design, rainfall showerhead, vanity + sink and views of the forest!