Creating Spaces to Delight You
Mark and I working on the Domes. Winter 2022/2023
Hi! I’m Megan, the creator and caretaker of Rooted Domes!

(With never ending help from my partner Mark! and moral support from my fur babes, Zinc and Benji)

Rooted Domes has been a dream of mine for almost 20 years – I’ve always been a habitual “nester.”  The passion to create cozy + comfortable spaces has followed me my whole life.  Even as a child I decked out my closet with cushions, my doll Gretchen, a little lamp + my favorite books… creating the perfect hideaway where I could read, fantasize and lose all sense of time.

I was born and raised in Ohio and I’ve lived in San Diego, Phoenix, and southwest England. During that time I also had the privilege of backpacking around Europe and Asia.  However, when I moved to Vinton County eight years ago, my heart became Rooted in the forest!

Here, I’ve found refuge in the morning sunbeams filtering through the trees, the songs of insects + birds, and the glow of the moon as she moves through her phases. If I could only become besties with the deer, my life would be complete!

Come join me in my little slice of forest: unplug, listen to the wind move through the trees, have a glass of wine on the deck… just BE. 

I can’t wait to share this magical spot with you!